Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Dead Shall Consume

Here are the Elhiem zombies I mentioned in yesterday's entry. The first lot are Female Zombies (TDSC03?). Most of these are Alix Elder sculpts, which are fairly chunky. The proportions are okay, and most have that shambling zombie look about them, but the cheerleader zombie has her right arm in a raised position that is awkward even for a zombie, while the schoolgirl zombie has an abnormally elongated torso. The last two figures are sculpted in a different style, being nice and slender with good proportions. I'm not sure, but I think that these may be by Ian Mountain.

The next batch of zeds are Elhiem's Ragged Zombies (TDSC12). One of the zombies had his head snapped clean off (courtesy of zombie-killers at USPS), but there was a duplicate of the pose. The Ragged Zombies are - well, pretty ragged. They are rotting, mangled, missing various body parts, spilling entrails, etc. In other words, your typical zombie. The poses are nice, and the figures are well proportioned. Hopefully we'll get more zombies like this from Elhiem, except in a less decomposed state.

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