Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sneaky Little Hobbitses

The general perception of the hobbit (or halfling), is that they are small and rotund. A minority of people see them as merely small, without the rotundity.

The first five halflings in the line-up are from Chariot Miniatures (HBT02). The set contained 8 random halflings armed with swords. The catalog description says that some have helmets, but I did not receive any examples wearing helmets. The last halflings in this group is the single pose from the Tin Soldier Halfling set (DFA3).

The next batch of halflings are also from Chariot. They are from the halflings with farm weapons set (HBT06). Each pose in the set was unique, but from the looks of it, all of the Chariot halflings are based on two basic body types.

The final group of halfings are a mix of 15mm and 10mm miniatures. The first figure is from SLM, and is a Halfling Warder Captain (HALF01). The SLM halflings are small and slender, and go better with 10mm halflings than 15mm halflings IMO. The next four halflings come from Copplestone Castings 10mm Fantasy line. These figures are from the Heroes and Halflings set (TM10). They are fantastic miniatures, modeled after the hobbits of the Company of the Ring. The last three figures are from Irregular. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought them, given that it didn't even cross my mind to buy their 15mm halflings. Anyway, the figures are: Halfling archer (TFAN39), Halfling with hand weapons (TFAN38), and Halfling personality (TFAN40).

A comparison of the different halfings. Tin Soldier and Chariot halflings match up well, while Copplestone halflings can be used as halfling children. SLM is better suited for 10mm, and the less said about Irregular, the better.

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Thanks for the very helpful post. I'm currently in the midst of a 1/72 project and your posts are very helpful in figuring out which lines can complement the plastic sets I've selected for use. Check out my project here.
Thanks and cheers!