Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Future of 1/72 Fantasy

In 1/72 Fantasy Review, a hope was expressed that with the release of miniatures from Dark Hold and Caesar, the long neglected field of 1/72 fantasy would bloom. This was in 2006, and unfortunately, Dark Hold soon ceased production of their figures, while Caesar never made more than a few basic sets of figures.

It is now 2009, and once again, two companies are attempting to enter the field. During spring, Dark Alliance (Orion?) released a set of 1/72 orcs, with possible Light Alliance 1/72 elves to come in the future. Then coming in fall, Wells Expeditions will be releasing the CMG Arcane Legions with what appears to be 1/72 miniatures.

I was told that the average male figure would measure 25mm to the top of his head, which is great news for all 1/72 fantasy aficionados. The base set for the game will contain 110 figures. Army packs will contain 40 unpainted figures, cavalry packs will contain 15 unpainted figures, and booster packs will contain 8 painted figures. The game will consist of three factions: Rome, Egypt, and China. So far, most of the images that have been released are for the Egyptians.

The Egyptian undead are typical for the genre, and look thoroughly desiccated. I'm guessing that there is probably some sort of peg under the base so that they will plug into the movement stand.

Most of their other creatures however, don't seem to fit into the category of classical mythology. Below are some images taken from the Arcane Legions Facebook Group, and an unreleased image of an Anubian Guard.

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