Monday, April 14, 2008


I went to Pegasus Hobbies over the weekend, and picked up some Caesar Fantasy Elves (102). I'm rather ambivalent about them, since I don't really like the way their ears look. Luckily, most of the figures have helmets or hoods to cover those unsightly ears.

The ears on the female elves are particularly bad -- they look like they have nekomimi. The eye brows on the female archer are overdone as well. Using a hot knife, I cut off the ears and trimmed away the eyebrows for two of the figures.

Much better!


Anonymous said...

I recently took the plunge into 1/72 fantasy myself by buying one of each of the ceasar fantasy sets, and also was not impressed with the elves. I'll paint them up of course, but I'm looking for some alternatives.

EY said...

Eureka makes some LOTR style elves in 18mm that are not too bad. I have some BRF elves on order as well, and will do a comparison article when they arrive.

Mad Carew said...

Have to agree!
Those ears are bad