Saturday, March 14, 2020


The original dracolisk from AD&D module S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth was specifically described as a cross between a black dragon and a basilisk.

I think that it wasn't until 4th edition, that the description of dracolisks expanded to include variants with parentage from other types of chromatic dragons.

I own three different miniatures of the dracolisk.

The old Grenadier Dragonlisk (Dragon Lords 2514) is my favorite, because it looks closest to the Jeff Easley illustration from the module.

The body of the dragonlisk is not very thick, so if you pin the wings when assembling the model, just remember to stagger the pins so that they don't intersect each other when you glue both wings to the body.

The Pathfinder Battles Dracolisk (Dungeons Deep #16) has a nice flying pose, but is rather small, and would probably look better with 15mm miniatures.

It has four pairs of legs instead of the stated three, some of which are posed rather awkwardly.

Last, is the Reaper Dracolisk (Bones 77379), which I painted up as a dracolisk with white dragon parentage.

I cut away part of the base so that both front legs look like they are raised (I saw someone do this for their model, and thought it looked pretty good).

Some shots of the dracolisks all together.

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