Wednesday, June 13, 2018


The glass-encased Gyrosphere is a fictional amusement park vehicle used in the Jurassic World movies.

They remind me a lot of the Le Bar Cars (aka Leswing Car, Happy Car, or Leisure Car) produced in China for use in amusement parks (although I'm not sure if they're used in any actual amusement parks anywhere).

Anyway, Matchbox makes a toy of the Jurassic World Gyrosphere (MB1112) which I picked up at a local WalMart when I saw it on sale for 94¢.

The Gyrosphere measures about 33mm in diameter. It differs from the movie vehicle in that the dome is tinted blue, and the side doors are opaque instead of being clear.

I was unable to find any official dimensions for the vehicle, but it looked pretty close to being 1/72 scale based on pictures from the movies. Certainly the seats in the Matchbox Gyrosphere look okay for 1/72 scale passengers.

I did find out that the acrylic dome used for the movie prop was 87" in diameter, which would make the Matchbox Gyrosphere close to 1/67 scale. That's close enough for me.

If I can find additional Gyrospheres at 94¢, I will pick up a couple more to try some modifications. I'd like to see how easy it is to take one apart to add some passengers, and also to recreate the doors in clear resin.


Umpapa said...

What is this Tyranosarus from?

EY said...

T-rex is made by Colorata. Here's a link to an unboxing video (in German) from Rupi Bolz.

Umpapa said...

Good posts, BTW.