Saturday, April 25, 2015

Relic Knights

During my frequent browsing on the internet in search of 1/72 miniatures, I came across a thread on the Soda Pop Miniatures forum that suggested that some of the figures from the Relic Knights game were actually close to 1/72 scale.

I was intrigued, but did not immediately get any of the miniatures, since from my experience, people who are not heavily invested in 1/72 figures don't seem to have a very good feel of how big they actually are.

Recently however, I finally broke down and ordered some of the figures mentioned in that particular forum thread to see if what they said was correct.

The news of course, is that the figures are much larger than 1/72 scale. I should have known better and looked more closely at the images provided in the thread, but I'm often blinded by optimism.

Purifiers (Shattered Sword Minions SPM142007)

The heads and torsos of the Purifiers could probably pass for 1/72, but their limbs are just too long. Their hands are small and delicate, but their feet are like those of 28mm figures.

The Prefects and Hasami (Doctrine Uniques SPM146004)

The Doctrine figures are pretty much like heroic 28mm, 32mm, or whatever figures, except for being thin and slender.

For some reason, Prefect Valeria was sculpted with her right foot rotated 180° (I fixed it for the scale comparison photo).

I wonder if this was done by the same guy who sculpted
the horse for the Italeri 1815 British Cavalry set

Some of the eyes are sculpted in relief, which kind of recalls the dismissive appellation of anime characters being "bug-eyed" as opposed to having oversized-eyes. Other faces are sculpted with more of a flat blank area where the eyes are to allow you to paint eyes at whatever size you prefer.

So as not to let the figures go completely to waste, I will see if I can convert some of the figures so that they can be used with 1/72 figures. I think the Purifiers will not be too difficult, but the Doctrine figures are probably a lost cause.


Robert Audin said...

That's a shame they are 28mm with small features.

EY said...

Hi Robert,

I was quite disappointed when I first saw the figures, but I was half-expecting that they were going to be too big in the back of my mind.