Thursday, February 27, 2014


The succubus is a female demon that drains her victims of life energy and such. In modern depictions they appear as comely females with demonic traits such as horns, fangs, wings, etc. For everything you wanted to find out about succubi and more, refer to The Wiki of the Succubi.

I guess that there was once a time when the succubus was an object of terror. My understanding is that this viewpoint arose from tales of sleep paralysis, superstition, and people who held beliefs similar to those attributed to Dave Sim (Note: Sim maintains that he is not a misogynist, although it's not clear to me how he positions his defense).

Nowadays, it seems that succubi are viewed as being cute and naughty - maybe slightly threatening, but not unsympathetic. In keeping with this lighter take on succubi, they are often shown as having access to modern lingerie, bondage gear, and the like, even though they may be part of a quasi-medieval setting.

There are dozens of succubus miniatures, but the one that is closest in size to 1/72 figures is the Ral Partha Succubus from the Female Demons blister pack (Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night 01-077).

Some other 25mm succubi that I have include the Heritage Succubus from the Female Demons blister pack (Dungeon Dwellers 1263), and two Grenadier Succubi (Monster Manuscript Vol.IX 1509, MM80; Fantasy Personalities 881).

The Fantasy Personalities succubus actually has good proportions with respect to 1/72 figures, but she scales out to about 6' 5" in height.

I didn't care for the original wings, so I replaced them with some smaller ones. The figure was also sold by Emperor's Choice and Mega Miniatures, but I'm not sure who owns the current production rights.

28mm succubi include the Archive Succubus (Mythology 661), and a Ral Partha succubus from the Demon Women blister pack (Personalities 01-178). These succubi scale out to about 7' tall.

Even larger succubi include Helwen from the WoW CMG Core Set, a Grenadier Succubus from the Demons boxed set (Fantasy Lords 6006, M27), and a D&D CMG Succubus (Blood War #59).

I repainted and rebased both Helwen and the DDM Succubus. The DDM Succubus was posed in-flight with a metal pin, and her left foot was resculpted so that it tilted at a dainty downward angle. I'd say that these larger figures can be used as demon queens or greater succubi. I believe that there are some succbui in WoW that appear about 1½ times the size of a human, though sometimes it's difficult to determine size in the game.


1Mac said...

There's a succubus wiki?

Serious question: where do you acquire your true-25mm Ral Partha figures? I know about Ral Partha Europe and Iron Wind Metals, but they both seem to focus on 28mm stuff.

EY said...

Nowadays I get most of my Ral Partha 25mm figures from eBay. Usually the cost is not very high if you consider the cost of a modern figure, though shipping will often double the price if you purchase only 1-2 figures.

There is also news that Iron Wind will be bringing back some of the old Tom Meier figures, including the troglodytes, goblin imps, and elves. From what I understand, they actually have most of the old masters, and may reissue other miniatures depending on the response to their initial offerings.

Phil said...

Nice post and figures!