Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Limei Architectural Models

There are a number of vendors on eBay that sell figures from the Guangzhou Limei Model Design Company (广州利美模型有限公司). I think that the figures are meant to be used as scenery for architectural models, but they are typically marketed as model train accessories.

The set that first caught my eye was of their Arab figures. They are sold in bulk, so are probably not really a good value unless you need a large number of figures for a crowded souq or bazaar. I'm guessing that the figures can be used for time periods from at least the 19th century on up to modern times.

There were four male poses, and three female poses in the set I received, but I think there is supposed to be four of each pose. Unfortunately however, the mix was random, so there is no guarantee that you can get all of the poses.

Also available are figures of beach goers in an unknown number of poses.  These are typically sold in smaller batches, but again come randomly, so you never know what you will receive.

The beach goers look like they date from the 1940's or 50's, and are rather flat, since I think they were mostly meant to be laying flat sunbathing.

All of the figures are listed as 1/75 scale, but are probably larger, since they fit in perfectly with 1/72 scale figures.


1Mac said...

Cool find! This is the second time I've heard about cheap 1/72-ish figures from China this week. They're not the same company, are they?

Looks like you can buy direct from the manufacturer, which sells not only figures but all kinds of nifty little scale accessories. It's worth pointing out that I recognized some figure sculpts as Preiser models: no idea if these are "authorized reproductions" or not.

EY said...

Hi Mac,

Thanks for the link. I haven't been over to Benno's for a while, so missed that post.

I know that Limei produces figures like the one from that post, so they're probably the same.

Like you say, they look to be copies of Preiser figures, but are less detailed, and may be closer to 1/87 scale.