Saturday, February 11, 2012

Light Alliance Dwarves

Last month I was informed by a reader that the Light Alliance Dwarves had been released. Despite hating the Light Alliance Elves, I went ahead and purchased a set of the dwarves.

The set comes with four identical sprues of figures in dark tan plastic. My first impression when I saw the figures was that they looked really tall. They wear chain hauberks and helmets, but unlike the box art, only two of the dwarves are armed with axes (small hand axes at that). The figures are all really well done, and there was little flash. One of the figures had a fissure where the arm joins the shoulder, but all of the duplicate figures had the same problem, so it may be some issue with the mold.

The first group of figures are the larger dwarves. These dwarves scale out to over 5' tall. The first figure holding the spear would probably be almost as tall as a human if standing upright. Strangely enough, the figure only has a mustache, rather than the full beard all his compatriots wear. Perhaps he represents the elusive half-dwarf...

The second group of figures are shorter, but still fairly tall for dwarves. They are similar in size to the larger Caesar dwarves, but at least they are under 5' tall.

Actually when placed next to the Caesar dwarves, they don't particularly look big at all.


Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy these? Fantasy figures are scarcer then hen's teeth in 20mm, and I'd better snarf some up when I have the chance!

EY said...

Hi Michael,

I bought these from Always Model (Taiwan), but they are also available from Toy Soldier HQ (US).

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks!

Tyvaldr Raud Valisson said...

Hello! I'm conversing this set:
musician cut his head and moved head.
A several dwarfs made ​​thicker from green stuff.
It's made perfect.
PS Excuse me for my English

blade runner said...

thanks for your blog, i'm addicted with 1/72 (it was my first box by airfix) even if i paint all kind of scales, thanks for the review about these fantasy dwarves, i didn't know light alliance brand

blade runner said...

sorry, i forgot, could i use the pictures of the sprues for my blog
mondinminiatura.blogspot, quoting your blog, of course?

EY said...

Hola blade runner,
Yes you can use the pictures for your blog. I'm glad that the post was useful to you.

Nice conversions on your blog.

cooey2ph said...

Your post made me decide getting these. I've already placed my orders and hope to get them soon. Thanks!

Evgen MooNFish said...

Thank you, this was useful.
I've got Cesar sets (elves, dwarves) and want to buy Orcs from Dark Alliance. It looks like the fit quite nice.

EY said...

Thanks for reading Evgen!