Thursday, October 2, 2008

Art in Miniature

I wonder how many modelers view their hobby as art as opposed to an exercise in technique? Probably most like myself, see it as something in between. I found some entries at the blogsite on HO scale miniatures being used in art pieces, so I thought I'd do a me-too entry.

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz have collaborated on a series of snow globes for the last seven years. I found the subjects fascinating, but then my tastes have always skewed toward the fantastical. Anyway, the globes can be found at their website under "recent works".

Thomas Doyle also creates surreal art with HO scale (and larger) figures. More images can be found on his website.

The street artist known as Slinkachu travels around London with a tube of CA glue and some Preiser figures to create various scenes that juxtapose the miniature figures with the 1:1 scale environment. After the figures are glued, he takes photographs, and the figures remain for the public to see -- or not. More images can be found at his Little People blogsite. Check under his profile for additional blogs on other projects.

Similar to Slinkachu's work, but with food. More can be found at

The prize for smallest works has to go to Willard Wigan who creates works that can fit into the eye of a needle. His work and techniques are reminiscent of that used in Chinese minature art. I found it interesting that he uses a fly-hair brush to do his painting. More can be found at his website.

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