Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beijing Olympics

I received ten sets of Caesar figures commemorating the 2008 Summer Games about a week after the Beijing (that's bay-Jing NOT bay-Zhing) Olympics ended. I wanted to write about them earlier, but didn't really feel like taking any pictures at the time. Anyway, there's only one figure that I'd really associate with the Summer Games, but whatever.

First up are the soccer guys (S006 and S002).

Next are the basketball players (S003, S008, S009). At first I thought that there was something unusual about the basketball set (can you guess what it was?), but then I figured we're talking about international basketball not the NBA. I imagine the guy holding his arms out on the red team is probably supposed to be Yao Ming, but he scales out to only about 6' 6" which is a scale foot too short.

The final sets are of baseball players (S004, S001, S007, S010, S005). I guess Taiwan really likes it's baseball, since the baseball players outnumber the players of the other sports. There is a lone hurdler in the set on the bottom.

Anyway, I ordered an extra box of the red uniformed basketball players because when I saw them, the first thing I thought was that the guy on the end would make a great Hanamichi Sakuragi with the right paint job.

The rest of the figures will remain in their boxes as "collector's items".

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