Sunday, April 6, 2008

Burma Lee

This is the venerable Hasegawa M3 Lee (MT23). I think the Hasegawa M3 was my first kit when I started building models. At that time, the kit was molded in dark green plastic, and came with a small tube of glue. The mold is showing its age, as the indentation for the drive sprocket locator pins were filled in, so I had to cut the pin away to join the two pieces. To make the hull gun movable, I glued a couple of pieces of sprue to hold it in place in the sponson as shown below.

The rear storage boxes need to be shaved down, as they are not flush with the hull. I added the side skirts and cupola machinegun, but they'll have to be removed, as M3s in Burma did not seem to have them.

I added some light guards and other little bits. The corners of the front fenders need to be cut down as well.

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